Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Morning Mist
The morning after a heavy rain

still and quiet

blossoms with dew drops



Gods mercy is new every morning.
Great is His faithfulness.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Rocker

When my son celebrated his first birthday 34 years ago, My Honey gave me a gift. He presented me with a beautiful Bentwood rocking chair. For many years, two apartments and two houses, the rocker had a place in our home. While it doesn't look it, it's a comfortable chair and was always fun to rock in. When we had to downsize 14 years ago, the rocker went into storage. When we moved to the farm, the rocker never really fit anywhere so it was stored in the barn. I hadn't even thought about it...until today.

I asked My Honey to bring it in when he got a chance and it wasn't long before it was in the kitchen. Covered in black dust and even some bird droppings, it was quite sad looking. I spent some time cleaning it up and it is in remarkable shape. While it has a few bumps and scrapes, it has come back to it's shiny black finish. I was also reminded that it was made in Poland all of those years ago, I'm sure by a fine person who cared about good craftsmanship.

When thinking about the years the chair was in our home, I thought about our children's laughter and tears, happy family moments and sad ones. The loss of parents and friends and the growing up of children. We often don't think about the things around us but when life gets hard and the going gets tough, it's the comfort of home, family and faith that brings us through.

I'm not sure where the rocker will go in this old farmhouse. I'm still thinking about it. Maybe upstairs where it would have a grand spot or in a guest room so that others can enjoy it. I know for sure that wherever it sits, there will be more children's laughter and tears, happy moments and sad moments and even loss. But most of all, there will be a family that loves, that celebrates life and creates more memories in a place called home.