Sunday, January 27, 2013

Vanilla Bean Scones...

The Pioneer Woman's Way

 I love scones and have made them several times. I have wanted to try The Pioneer Woman's recipe ever since I saw her make them, with ease, on her Food Network show. A friend gifted me with vanilla beans and I thought this was a great opportunity to use them

 I printed the recipe online, as it isn't in either of her cookbooks

 I gathered the ingredients

 The first step is to scrape the vanilla seeds from the bean. 
I have seen this done many times on TV and thought it would be easy. 
It's least not the first time

 Once I got the hang of it, it did get a little easier. The seeds end up on your fingers and the board and you just don't want to lose any of them

 Add the vanilla to the cream ahead of time so that the vanilla can infuse the cream...look at the luscious vanilla cream. I love this little milk bottle too!

 Now it's time to sift the dry ingredients together

 Cold, unsalted butter cut into pats...I used the same knife I scraped the vanilla cleaned the vanilla off of the knife so I wouldn't waste any!

 A pastry cutter...a must have in any will get a work out!

 Cut the ingredients with the pastry cutter until it looks like crumbs. It is important that the butter stays cold...this is what makes pastry so yummy

Mix the infused cream with an egg and add the wet to the dry, crumbled mixture

 Stir gently with a fork until it just comes sure you don't over mix...
the mixture will be crumbly 

 I am going to be honest here...this is hard to manage...
I was extremely frustrated and for a moment, 
I regretted starting this recipe. It is crumbly and hard to roll out...I was not a happy camper!

 I worked through my frustration and finally got it where I thought it should be

I cut them with a sharp knife. I also rerolled the scraps and cut some more. 
The sizes varied but that was okay

 I baked them on parchment approximately 18 minutes

 I looked at the mess and was just.plain.done.with scones

 And then the buttery aroma started to fill the kitchen...and I forgave them
 While they cooled, I worked on the glaze, 
which is another vanilla bean scraped into milk. 
I used half and half as I don't usually have whole milk in the fridge

 Lots of sifted confectioners sugar...I usually sift a whole bag of sugar when I need some...then I have extra for the next time

 I used a whisk to mix it up...I was concerned this wouldn't be enough. 
I added additional milk to get it to the right consistency

 Dunk the entire scone in the I recommend using a utensil of some kind (I used a fork) just to help you lift the scone out...don't poke the scone as it will break but I found that even if I lifted them out with my fingers they would sometimes break so be careful
 Let the glaze run off the scone as much as you can.
I had left over glaze so there was plenty

 Place them on a rack or parchment...I did both
 Look at that sugary, vanilla bean goodness...let them harden for an hour or so and as hard as it is, I recommend putting them away until the next day. 
I think they taste better a day later...of course you can have a try!

 The next morning, a cup of coffee and a vanilla bean scone...
just the thing to make a cold Sunday morn feel all right!
I also took the opportunity to make vanilla sugar...I added the spent vanilla beans to a jar of sugar and covered tightly to let the vanilla infuse the sugar . I can't wait to try it in my coffee!

I know I will make scones again...they are yummy and such a treat...and I know it will get easier each time I try. Have you ever made scones? Do you have a favorite recipe? Take a minute to let me know...I would love to hear from you!