Saturday, December 6, 2008

Burned Buns

Ok-I have to admit that I wasn't going to mention this on the 1st day of my blog but I'm going to fess up. I even told My Honey that my lips were sealed when he suggested that I post it. But here goes....I burned the cinnamon buns this morning. I wasn't even going to make them but it is soooo cold out and I knew they would taste soo good. However, as efficient as I am (I did adjust the temperature in the toaster oven) I neglected to adjust it from toast to bake. So let's just say they were a little black on top. I don't like anything charcoal tasting but there were 2 that were lighter than the rest...yum. My Honey seems to enjoy blackened food so there was no problem there. For those who are impressed that I was making cinnamon buns...I rarely give out my secrets....but let's just say a doughboy was involved! Happy Day!


  1. You're is perfect for cinnamon buns!!! Too bad they were blackened buns! I do it all the time! Especially to garlic bread!

  2. Mmmm even burned cinnamon buns sound good. Chris would have liked the blackend ones too. I hear you have been doing some Christmas decorating today. One of my favorite things about this time of year is coming out to Good Cheer Farm when all the lights and greens are up on the house - it always looks so festive! Can't wait to come out and see!