Sunday, December 7, 2008

Just Have Fun!

It used to be that I cared so much about what people thought of me, that I wasn't really being me. I didn't want to stand out and be different, draw unnecessary attention to myself, etc. I think that when you reach a certain age though, like over half a century, it's more important to smile, laugh and just have fun! I never wanted my picture taken because I was too fat, I didn't like how I looked, excuses, excuses, etc, etc and I missed out. There aren't a lot of pictures with me in them and that's kind of sad.
So now I am working on changing that. Today is a very cold day in upstate New York. The wind chill has to be in the single digits and it is bitter cold. The leaves that were never raked before the first snowfall are swirling around, the wind is howling and it's very desolate. I decided to go down to the barn with My Honey and visit everyone. I bundled up and grabbed the camera because I wanted to get some shots of our barnyard family. I had to grab some eyeglasses because I wouldn't be able to take a picture without them. I have some fun glasses I wear at home and no one outside of the family has really seen me in them....although part of the new me did allow last weekends dinner guests to partake of the silliness. So My Honey took some pictures of me and my chicken and goat friends. My barnyard chic will not be on 2009's fashion runways...sorry to disappoint you.
The one thing I have learned is to stop being so hard on myself. When you know that God loves you no matter what, that you live your life according to God's word with Jesus in your heart, then failures and goof ups are's just important to keep moving forward. Today I'm doing just that.


  1. Fun to read your postings, fun to see the pix too.